Kim Thittichai says ‘come and play with me’.

Many of our members need no introduction to Kim Thittichai, the well-known international textile artist who lived in Sussex until a few years ago. Many of us have benefited from her inspiring teaching over the years (I was very fortunate to do a year-long City and Guilds Textile Decoration course with her many moons ago, and I’m still using and enjoying techniques that I learnt from that course). Kim made an inspiring move to the South West coast of Ireland a few years ago, where she is pursuing her own textile work as well as teaching online. That brings me to the reason for this post: Kim is now offering her ‘signature’ Experimental Textiles course online. If you feel ready to take on the fun and challenge of a bigger course, there is more information in the link below. It’s a 10-month course with monthly online tuition sessions, monthly individual tutorial, monthly project, an online support group with other course members, and two years access to the 24 videos that make up the content of the course. Kim recognises that it’s a big commitment, so if you’re interested, she suggests you contact her to talk it over before deciding. Have a look at her website and you’ll see lots of inspiring images. If you’re ready for a new challenge, do consider it. I can guarantee you’ll have fun!