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    Other Contact Details

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    Secretary, Sue Parkinson: sec.southdownscreativestitchers(deletethistextandbrackets)@gmail

    Chair, Jane Baskerville: janebchairscs(deletethistextandbrackets)

    Treasurer & Membership Secretary, Valerie Robinson: treasurerscstitchers(deletethistextandbrackets)

    Traditional Embroidery Group, Anne Turner: annietlonglands(deletethistextand brackets)

    Mixed Media Group, Jane Robinson: jane.robinson(deletethistextandbrackets)

    Fabric sales: Margaret Borbone: margaretborbone(deletethistextandbrackets)

    Thursday Workshop Group, Linda Hoddy: lmhoddy(deletethistextandbrackets)  or 01903 260291

    Webmistress, Jane Robinson: via the Contact form above.

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    Members’ websites, blogs and FB Artist Pages

    Alison Crossthwaite: Website and blog   FB Artist Page

    Arthur Ridley: Website and blog     FB Artist Page

    Julia Brown: Website   FB Artist page

    Jane Robinson: Website and blog

    If you have a blog and would like to add a link, send me the details.