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Welcome to the new website for ‘Southdowns Creative Stitchers’. We are really excited that the new group has been established, and you will be hearing from our Chair and Membership Secretary very soon with more information. We are very pleased to have got this far.

None of us expected the Embroiderers Guild to pull the plug on local branches so suddenly, especially during lockdown. We decided to approach it as an opportunity. Starting up a new group whilst ‘keeping the show on the road’ has been…well, let’s just say: ‘interesting’. It’s a bit like keeping the car driving along the motorway whilst some people replace the engine, some people change the wheels, and others operate the accelerator, brakes, clutch etc. At the same time, Rose (Chair) and Sue (Secretary) have managed to keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. Somehow, miraculously, we have managed not to career into a ditch!

After a month or so with our heads buried in legal matters, constitutions, finance, planning etc, we are now a fully constituted, officially existing new group. If you are interested in our new legal status, we opted to become an ‘Unincorporated Association’. This means we are answerable to our members and our constitution and no-one else. If you would like to read our new constitution it will be sent out, and will be put on the website soon.

Members of the former WTEG will be hearing from Rose our Chair soon with more information about what we have got planned, and from Betty our membership secretary about how to join.

We plan to keep our roots firmly in the traditions that have served us well for over 40 years. Don’t worry, we won’t be throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Having said that, alongside our traditional activities we also plan to introduce a new sub-group with a focus on contemporary textile art and mixed media. We feel that one of our strengths is the diversity of interests across the group, and we plan to build on that.

We’re looking forward to welcoming back old friends well as new members.

6 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Thank you to all involved in keeping the car out of the ditch, brilliant news. Huzzah for the Southdowns Creative Stitchers!

  2. Southdown Creative Stitchers has been formed after a lot of hard work by the defunct Em. Guild committee.
    The aim is to move on and encourage everyone who is enthusiastic about stitch in all it’s forms , you do not need to be experianced to join beginners are very welcome.
    I have been a member of Embroiderers Guild for many years joining it has been one of the best things I have ever done ,and consider some members as my best friends.

  3. That is such a lovely, well written article. As a member of our committee, the anology of the motorway driving whilst replacing the engine/wheels was so well put and made me smile so much, as it resonated with our own experiences.
    What a great attitude you have.
    Wishing you all, fantastic success with your new independent group.
    From Gill (Programme secretary of Warwickshire Stitchers, formerly Leamington Embroiderers guild).

    1. Hi Gill,
      Thank you for taking the trouble to comment. From the name Warwickshire Stitchers, it seems that you have also formed a new independent stitch group in your area. What stage have you got to? It looks like the Embroiderers Guild has shot itself in the foot by dumping the branches, but many local groups seem to have taken it as an opportunity to have a new fresh start. I have two friends in different parts of the country whose local groups have sadly had to close down, and many others are at different stages of re-forming. We are very lucky in Worthing that there are two groups, both going strong. Good luck with your new group.
      Jane, and Southdowns Creative Stitchers

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