Alex Waylett workshop

Stitched by Gay Hibbs

Some wonderful work was created recently in a workshop with Alex Waylett.  Alex had visited us several years ago for a one-day workshop. Members enjoyed that so much that by popular request she was invited back for a two-day workshop this time. After delays due to Covid, Gay was finally able to make this course happen, and the feedback that we’ve had is very enthusiastic.

Here are some photos of the pieces that people were working on (thank you to Alex for allowing the work to be shown here).  If you would like your name added as the person who stitched one of these, please let me know. For those who missed this course, Alex also runs online workshops which you can find on her website:

I don’t know who stitched this, but judging by the owls I would guess it was Annette…
Stitched by Sue Bush

Jane Baskerville 

Gay found a wonderful venue for the workshop. I think members could get used to the luxury of Findon Place – what a treat. Here are some photos of the venue. Many thanks to Gay for organising the workshop, and for hosting Alex and taking care of everything. As a P.S. People sometimes email me with comments on a news post. However, if you could please put your comment in the ‘Comment Box’ below this post, then other people can read it too. Thanks!

Findon Place

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    1. Who else could it have been, with owls as the theme??? It looks lovely. I look forward to seeing it mounted and framed.

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