Emily Jo Gibbs

At our April meeting we welcomed Emily Jo Gibbs. Emily told us of her journey into the world of textiles. her mother was a strong influence but persuaded her to do other subjects at University as she could teach her the textile side. Emily studied plastics, woodwork and metals for her degree. on graduating she studied shoe making and leatherwork. Her degree show collection was bought by a Japanese copmany and that set her up in her own business making bespoke handbags. Emily continued with her business for ten years and then had a change of direction when she won an award fropm craft central to create a whole new lot of work based on the nature table using silk organza and metals. Her silver birch cnisters are an example of this work.  Emily then started making portraits of her family using silk organzas layered and stab stitched together. The results are equisite and very delicate.

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